48 Min Documentary for FOX CRIME: Africa. A DJ from a poor part of Knysna, Hornlee, accused of murdering two young women in one of the most popular tourist towns in South Africa. An explosive case that included two private detectives with very different opinions on the outcome of the case.

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Crime documentary for FOX CRIME: Africa. Rosslyn “Roz” van der Vyver scours newspapers and the Web for job offers until one day she spots an online ad for temporary work taking stock at a local chain store. Roz is thrilled when she gets an email saying she’s been hired. The next day, a minivan picks her up and takes her to the store. In the parking lot, she’s told that there’s been a slight delay and the minivan driver offers her some juice while she waits in the vehicle.

Several hours later on the side of a road many miles away, Van der Vyver regains consciousness. Dazed and seriously injured, she is rushed to hospital. With her life hanging by a thread, Roz manages to tell her friend she’d been raped and viciously beaten by four men. Tragically, she soon suffers a massive seizure and dies in her hospital bed. The men who murdered Roz van der Vyver have never been brought to justice. Somebody out there still knows something…




Swallow This is an investigative TV documentary that unpacks meat production, distribution and consumption in South Africa. From slaughter to supermarket – how fresh is our food and what are we actually eating? The truth is that animals are bred to be killed and to be consumed.

That’s not the way nature intended it, but the way our consumption driven society dictates it should be. We think it’s okay to eat as much meat as we do everyday because we need to survive and stay fit and strong – but is there another way? Can we curb our consumption in order to create a healthier and more humane world? Swallow This takes an in depth look at meat production in South Africa and finds out exactly what we’re eating.

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Krotoa is a documentary in the Hidden Histories’s  slate of documentaries produced for SABC 1.  The series investigates historical occurrences or people of significance that may not be widely known:

Krotoa was a Khoi girl (c.1643-1674) of the Goringhaicona tribe from the Cape who was taken at the impressionable age of ten or eleven years old into the home of Jan van Riebeeck as a domestic servant. When the young Krotoa moved into the home of Jan van Riebeeck, she became a ‘pet’ project to his wife, Maria.   A tragic heroine – Krotoa: Eva of the Cape.  The only recorded female interpreter of her time, was the bridge between the Khoi people and the Dutch settlers. She aided Jan van Riebeeck in his dealings with the Khoi and was instrumental in negotiating the end of the first Dutch-Khoi war.  We examine the life of a woman now known as the Mother of the Afrikaaner Nation.

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Shining a light is fifteen minute short for UNICEF about the effectiveness of Malaria nets in the DRC.

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Ten is a documentary detailing the current plight of children in prisons across several African countries. This is the trailer for the film.

Produced by . Directed by Navdip Dwarihal. Edited by Carol Howell

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