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Powering Tomorrow

Powering Tomorrow is a three-film documentary miniseries focused on the role of gas in the energy transition: delivering more reliable, affordable, sustainable and resilient electricity worldwide. Follow the stories of nine characters driving the coal-to-gas transition in Vietnam, operating on low-to-zero carbon fuels—including hydrogen—in Australia, and researching how to capture and sequester emissions post-combustion through carbon capture in Norway.

I am the Engine

I am The Engine seeks to find individuals who are breaking the mould and offering solutions that can tackle the world's most enduring social issues. 10 Part series for Redbull.

Epic Ocean

Seventy percent of all ocean life lives within the rim of our continental shelf. Temperature has affected this part of the ocean the least, but it remains at the mercy of two things: ocean currents and increasing pollution. The ecology of the open ocean depends on a certain temperature range, and deviation brings great hardship for its residents. While tiny, delicious morsels ride the currents, they’re also accompanied by the scourge of the ocean – plastic. And overfishing is taking many pelagic species to the brink of extinction. But there is ingenuity in the deep blue realm. In some parts of the ocean, predators are teaming up to make the most of dwindling fish stocks. Oceanic whitetip sharks and pilot whales now combine forces to hunt. The results are spectacular.


‘Searchlight’ - the first in a new series of films commissioned by Lloyd’s Register Foundation has been launched as part of an ocean safety campaign. The documentary focuses on three young women who volunteer for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) in Oban, West Scotland, which has some of the most changeable and treacherous waters off the British coast.

Wild Wonders

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I Love You. Over.

The life of a family divided by distance and circumstance.

Giraffe: A Silent Extinction

The giraffe is an icon of Africa, thousands of tourists travel around the globe every year to see them in the wild, yet in the last century, giraffes have gone extinct in 7 countries and population numbers have dwindled by 40%, leaving less than 70,000 adults in the wild. That is just one giraffe for every five African elephants, yet very few people are aware of their situation. Over the course of a year the film crew travel across the continent to join the fight to save these gentle giants, bringing awareness to their plight and ultimately, helping to prevent its silent extinction.

Defenders of the Wild

Get ready for Wildlife Guide Ivan Carter, as he explores the planet to find solutions to create a balanced wildlife ecosystem. Experts join Carter to spotlight the conservation efforts happening worldwide. Ready. Set. Adventure.


Identity plays out within the genre conventions of a psychological thriller; focusing on a narrative that revolves around an unreliable protagonist with the audience's cinematic experience focused around the discovery of each character's half-truths.

24 lions

On August 5 2018, in the largest move of lions across an international boundary in history, 24 lions were reintroduced to a 2.5 million-acre habitat in the Zambeze Delta of Mozambique. The environment, once decimated by civil war and poaching, has benefited from a 24-year effort led by Zambeze Delta Safaris and dedicated to sound conservation practices. However, in spite of these efforts, the lion population has struggled to recover and the team endeavoured to bring the apex predator back to the ecosystem once more.

Wild Orphan Rescue

As human action puts the survival of new-born animals in Africa under threat, follow the unique stories of these wild orphans and the big-hearted rescuers giving them a second chance.

Open Water

A glimpse into the lives of three Greenlanders: a hunter, a ship’s captain and a fisherman, individuals whose very existence and heritage is intertwined with the Arctic Ocean. Like many who live in the polar north, their fortunes straddle the extremes of summer and winter. Faced with a drastically changing environment, these seafarers reflect on their past, their present and uncertain future with a complex mix of emotions

Love Runs Out

Indie Feature Film. Julie, fresh from school, lives with her best friend, Jan. When Troy needs a place to stay they offer him their couch, both secretly crushing on him. Against a backdrop of live music, cheap drugs and STD's the three of them fall into a seemingly ideal three-way relationship.

Shark vs Tuna

A Nat Geo 1 hour special for Shark Fest. Witness a clash of oceanic titans in the remote crystal-blue battlefields of Ascension Island. Witness a clash of oceanic titans in the remote crystal-blue battlefields of Ascension Island. Yellowfin tuna and mako and tiger sharks are all apex predators, but to these sharks, yellowfin tuna are the ultimate prize.

Snake City

The coastal city of Durban in South Africa is known for sandy beaches, warm weather -- and snakes! Residents are under attack from a plague of deadly reptiles, including the notorious black mamba, but they should have no fear because of Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett.

Reality wielding, time bending, gun for hire.
Editing is my favourite thing in all the world. I fell in love with the movies after watching Alien* as a kid … and nothing’s changed. I love stories, characters, psychologically guiding spectators & and making your cinematic dreams come true. 

Although science fiction** is undoubtedly my genre of choice, I believe in mixing it up and taking on new challenges. I’ve worked right across the gamut: from drama and comedy to history and reality (as well as the odd music video and commercial). I’ve edited for both local and international production companies. 

I am currently editing an adventure series. I also completed a number of shorts for Red Bull this year … and my first feature film, Love Runs Out, which screened at the Durban International Film Festival. Prior to that, I was wrangling finned and scaly predators for National Geographic’s Shark vs Tuna and several seasons of Snake City.  

I have even played detective while editing true-crime documentaries for Fox Crime Africa. 
When I’m not editing, I love to consume zombie fiction, listen to Radiolab podcasts and explore new cities.

* I have a copy with the special features if you haven't seen it.

** Star Wars is undeniably cool, but it’s not science fiction. It's fantasy. Feel free to call me up to argue about this.


The story of Jessa Balote. A former ragpicker from Dreamland, the worst slum in South East Asia, who is on the verge of becoming a professional ballet dancer at 17 but still can't afford to leave the slum and a young girl who is similarly impoverished and shares a one-room hovel with six family members. For her ballet is an escape but also a future means to support their families financially. The driving force behind their success is a taskmaster called Lisa Teresita Pacheco Macuja-Elizalde - herself a former Prima Ballerina who became the first foreign soloist to join the Kirov Ballet who has formed an NGO to rescue the girls from Happyland - a slum that defies explanation.


In collaboration with award-winning journalists at Miran Media, UMC has produced a documentary focusing on challenges and success stories of pharmacovigilance in five countries across the globe.


Ten is a documentary detailing the plight of children in prisons across several African countries.

West Pack TVC

TVC Campaign for West Pack Lifestyle.