Wild Orphan Rescue

Unscripted TelevisionWildlife

As human action puts the survival of new-born animals in Africa under threat, follow the unique stories of these wild orphans and the big-hearted rescuers giving them a second chance.

Wild Orphan Rescue follows teams of dedicated vets, volunteers and rescue centre staff as they find and save injured and endangered young animals, left alone and defenceless because of wildlife crime, trophy hunting or loss of habitat in South Africa.

Throughout the series, we will see these amazing animals given the essential care they need for another chance at life. We follow a one-week-old vervet monkey suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder; a one-month-old rhino who needs urgent surgery; starved black-back jackal cubs; a baby baboon who desperately needs a foster mother and many more.

We meet animals of all shapes and sizes, and watch their rescue, rehabilitation and, ultimately, their release back into the wild or to a safe new home. Their journeys, and the stories of those who save them, are inspiring and heart-warming, while also highlighting the impact of human action on these magnificent animals and their habitats.

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