The Cheetah Diaries S04

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The fourth series of The Cheetah Diaries picks up on the exciting lives of the vivacious animal characters and their committed handlers at Cheetah Outreach. Viewers will watch the organisation continue to grow and make a difference in the important work of cheetah conservation. And there is far more to see than just the fastest cats in the world… At Cheetah Outreach big personalities come in small packages, like Legacy, the loveable serval cat and her kittens, Malaika, the feisty caracal and those little meerkats with boundless energy, Sebastian and Minki.

But it’s not just the old favourites from season three this time. Experience the exciting arrival of a whole new gang of cheetah cubs, Anatolian shepherd puppies and bat-eared fox cubs. Who will be crowned the cutest of them all? With so many cuddly youngsters, it’s hard to decide.

Find out what happens to star ambassador Joseph, and why young Chobe chews his tail off. Watch how the glamorous founder Annie Bechhelling takes challenges in her stride, from a big move to new facilities and a flood-induced landslide to the death of one of her favourite cheetahs.

Share the ups and downs, the heartache and joy of The Cheetah Diaries, a ten part series that will leave a paw print on your heart.


Natural History Unit for Africa