Murdered Online


Crime documentary for FOX CRIME: Africa.

Rosslyn “Roz” van der Vyver scours newspapers and the Web for job offers until one day she spots an online ad for temporary work taking stock at a local chain store. Roz is thrilled when she gets an email saying she’s been hired. The next day, a minivan picks her up and takes her to the store. In the parking lot, she’s told that there’s been a slight delay and the minivan driver offers her some juice while she waits in the vehicle. Several hours later on the side of a road many miles away, Van der Vyver regains consciousness. Dazed and seriously injured, she is rushed to hospital. With her life hanging by a thread, Roz manages to tell her friend she’d been raped and viciously beaten by four men. Tragically, she soon suffers a massive seizure and dies in her hospital bed. The men who murdered Roz van der Vyver have never been brought to justice. Somebody out there still knows something…

Editor / Colourist